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Cooling Tower Repairs

The cooling tower is a device that rejects heat by extracting it and sending it out into the atmosphere. It does this by cooling a stream of water to a low temperature. Cooling towers supply cool water to air conditioning units and generators that are used for purposes of manufacture or electric power. Two types of cooling towers are the open circuit and the closed circuit cooling tower. The open circuit cooling tower is housed in an enclosure and sends warm water inside over packing that is made of a wet surface which has had a film of water spread over it. The closed circuit cooling tower does not have any direct contact with the water that is being cooled. There is also the counter flow and the cross flow; the counter flow cooling tower moves the air upward as the water moves downward; and in the cross flow, the air moves side to side (horizontally) and the water moves downward. A lot of water is lost through evaporation in the process of moving air and water in a cooling tower.

If you feel your cooling tower needs repair and you feel it’s not working properly, or if you just have questions regarding your cooling tower then Zenda LLC is the company to call. Zenda LLC is a reliable and responsible company that stands ready to install, service, repair and maintain any cooling tower on the market today. Zenda LLC is a family owned business and has been selling, maintaining and servicing cooling towers since 1964. They have been providing cooling tower services in the United States all along the eastern seaboard. When you are doing business with Zenda LLC you will be proud to know you are doing business with a company that has the health of the planet in mind as they are very environmentally conscious. Zenda LLC is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council which is dedicated in designs of building that are suitable environmentally.

They are experts in every aspect in the field of cooling towers. Their knowledgeable staff of technicians has fabricated cooling towers of five to five thousand tons. The company has many resources and a large partnership and can handle the most urgent cooling tower installations. If your cooling tower needs repairs or other attention here is a partial list of what Zenda LLC can do for you and your cooling tower:

· Replacements of cooling towers
· Rebuilds cooling towers
· Can change mechanical equipment
· Replacements for fill and drifts
· Painting and coating
· They can analyze vibrations
· Mechanical balancing and alignment
· Testing thermal performance
· Changing oil and replacing gears
· Replacing fan, shaft and bearings
· Cleaning the tower
· Provide service agreements for maintenance and service.
· Sound testing.

If you think your cooling tower is not operating at peak perfection and you have some questions than Zenda LLC is the company to call for the answers. Zenda LLC will recognize and analyze any problems that you may have with your cooling tower and take care of it in a responsible manner. It is important to maintain your cooling tower regularly and properly. As the cooling tower will accumulate a great deal of dirt and debris that can cause corrosion which in turn causes it not to operate at its peak. When you are dealing with a highly specialized company in the field of cooling towers it can give you peace of mind knowing that your cooling towers ailments are in good hands.

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